Company profile

Beijing Huizhi Boyi Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2014. Its main business scope includes: technical services, technology development, technology transfer, technical consultation and sales of related products in the fields of measurement and control, simulation and information system integration; Software service and computer system service; Internet technology software information consulting service; Sales of computers, software and auxiliary equipment.
The company always takes the customer as the center and wins with quality and service. It is committed to intelligent perception, control and processing, analysis and decision-making services and customized development of relevant software, and develops intelligent measurement and control modules, equipment and systems to serve industrial automation, digitization and intellectualization and other application scenarios.
At present, the company is engaged in the research, development and application of intelligent monitoring technology for industrial Internet of things (IIoT)


Business scope

Our R & D team has carried out the research and development of intelligent sensing, control module and general measurement and control management platform in the fields of working condition monitoring, environmental monitoring, energy management, bird (insect) pest control, etc. At present, it has the ability to apply advanced sensing, real-time control and Internet of things technologies to develop intelligent hardware. At the same time, it has the ability to apply artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies to carry out intelligent data processing and analysis based on cloud computing platform.
Manufacturers from all industries are welcome to carry out technical consultation and cooperation, give full play to their respective advantages, and work together to promote the in-depth integration and development of information technology (it) and operation technology (OT), so as to make due contributions to improving the digital and intelligent control level of the industry, improving production and operation efficiency, and ensuring the safe operation of key equipment and systems.

At present, we are providing end-to-end, edge, cloud (server) and data visualization and analysis solutions for the industrial Internet of things (IIoT) status monitoring field.


While undertaking intelligent measurement and control system integration and software development, we independently developed customized and extensible intelligent measurement and control components, which mainly include sensing components, measurement and control modules, communication modules, etc.
The sensing component can adopt advanced sensors, detection methods and wireless sensor network (WSN) to realize comprehensive state sensing of key parameters;
The measurement and control module adopts open source hardware, Internet of things interface technology and edge computing method. On the one hand, it can realize seamless interconnection, processing and transmission of information; on the other hand, it can realize real-time and accurate control of CPS system composed of manufacturing, production and operation equipment and network;
The communication module can be flexibly customized according to the use scenarios. For example, where mobility is not required, optical fiber or even network cable is used; If there is no great requirement for bandwidth and delay, LTE or Nb IOT can be used, which can be downward compatible with EGPRS; In other scenarios, customers may not want data to enter the operator's network, or considering the cost factor, they can use Wi Fi or even Lora to form a private network.
Customized and extensible intelligent monitoring components support common industrial bus protocols, such as modbus, OPC and can, as well as wireless sensor network protocol ZigBee and Internet of things protocol mqtt. The interface supports rs-232/485, USB, LAN, can, ble, WiFi, etc.

At present, the scheme is relying on the application industry for cooperative development and application. In terms of intelligent IOT hardware research and development, it is carrying out in-depth cooperation and authorized development with domestic and foreign sensor and acquisition equipment manufacturers. If you have requirements for intelligent sensor procurement and system customization, we can provide you with professional R & D services for intelligent measurement and control modules, equipment, systems and solutions. Welcome to cooperate.